Principal's Message


Dear MIchelson Community,


Hello everyone!  Lots of news to share!

Movie Night:
I hope you enjoyed your family time over the long weekend!  We had a fun movie night, despite a short delay caused by technical difficulties.  I want to thank all of the parents who stepped in to try to resolve the A/V issues.  VUSD Board Member Mark Dyken had the magic solution, “restart”, and it was successful!  The kids had a blast!  Many thanks to MIchelson Parents Club for creating this wonderful event!

Just a reminder to please stop when children are approaching and entering  the crosswalk.  It gets a little crazy at drop off, and we really need your help in letting the kids cross safely.  Also, the speed limit is 25 but 20 would be better!  We sure would appreciate your help with slowing down—it gets a little scary for the kids with the traffic whizzing by. The County is supposed to bring us a speed monitoring sign soon for a few days.

English Language Adult Classes at MIchelson every Friday:
Michelle Lane and Jared Hungerford have worked together to bring adult English Language Classes to MIchelson every Friday morning at 8:15 in room 13.  Please feel free to join the group.  We are so excited to provide this no cost class to our families that are seeking the opportunity to improve their language skills!

Lost and Found:
Please check the lost and found before we donate the pile.  There are SOME REALLY NICE THINGS IN THERE!  Please come take a look!

Snow Days:
The weather may be changing, so please take a look at the snow day procedures below:
Snow Day and Late Start Procedures

❖ Manager of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation (MOT) will issue an “all call” via messenger system to parents and staff by 5:30 a.m.

❖ Snow day procedures will be announced on www.mymotherlode.com and FM radio stations KKBN 93.5 and KVML 102.7 and STAR 92.7

❖ Snow Stops – snow bus stops are in effect when the conditions prevent our buses from safely entering the subdivisions.  An “all call” will not be broadcast for snow stops.  If in doubt, plan to take your child(ren) to a snow stop.  

• A snow stop in the morning means a snow stop in the afternoon.
• There could be a regular stop in the morning and a snow stop in the afternoon if conditions change during the school day.
• Route and snow stop schedules can be found on the website:  
vallecito-ca.schoolloop.com under the Parent Resources tab.

❖ Ski Trips – If it is raining, snowing and/or forecast for snow during the day, trips will be cancelled.  Ski trips may be rescheduled, if possible.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Sincerely yours,



Louise Simson