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We love dogs, but please not at school even on a leash...


Please be on time for pickup. We do not have after care on site, unless your child is registered for Extended Care. Even just a few minutes late effects the schedule of a teacher to serve other kids, so please be on-time. Your consideration and cooperation is greatly appreciated!



The office is open from 8:00-4:00 for you! 


Nurse Robin Brown also has her office here.  She is available on Mondays at Michelson and by appointment and email throughout the week!  Please note that the office is closed at times to coincide with portions of school vacations.  Phone and email messages will be returned when the office reopens.  If you have an emergency, please call:

 Vallecito Union School District

4545B Moran Road , Avery, Ca 95224 
209.795.8500 Phone | 209.795.8505 Fax
Office Locker
8/27/17 1:48 PM
8/27/17 1:47 PM